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Why work at GH?

We know that great work comes from smart, hardworking, and happy people. So we hire smart people. And work hard to keep them happy.

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The work.

Do great work for great clients. The kind of work you’ll be proud to say, I was a part of that, Mom.

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The flexibility.

We trust our team to know when they need to be here, when they need to be at the dentist, and when they need to be in Morocco.

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The culture.

Call it the atmosphere. Call it the vibe. Whatever you call it, it’s a welcoming, friendly and fun place to work.

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The people.

Without a doubt, the greatest thing about GH is our close-knit crew of professionals. And we’re all rooting for you to succeed.

Hybrid workplace.

Recently, we discovered we didn’t have to be in the office to do great work. Since then, we’ve seamlessly reshaped our processes to be able to work from home or the office. Or the pantry. Anywhere with decent Wi-Fi.

Inclusive and welcoming.

Creativity thrives on diversity so our commitment to it is a big part of who we are. We will always need to be a more diverse agency. And that’s where you come in.

Benefits galore.

All the stuff you’d expect, like health insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) matching. Plus, lots of stuff you wouldn’t expect, like profit sharing, free lunches, and fun bonuses.

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Health & wellbeing.

Our long-term partnership with UPMC has taught us a few things about the importance of great health care. And great health insurance.

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Competitive salary.

Top dollar for your role, skill and experience. Plus a company-matched 401(k) + ESOP profit sharing.

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Paid parental leave.

Over the years, our team has enjoyed a lot of organic growth. We provide generous time away for both mom and dad.

Own It.

Employee-owned. Employee run.

We walk around here like we own the place. Because we do. GH is a 100% employee-owned company which means we all have a stake in our own success. It also means we’re always looking out for each other.

Join the GH Team

We’re always looking for talented humans to come aboard and join our crew. Check out the open positions. Or just drop us a line and tell us what you’re good at.